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How can I create the AZCLOUD Account?
There are few steps for creating the AZCLOUD Account. In order to create the AZCLOUD Account first you must click the link and select the "Register" button. Right away after registering the personal information, the verification e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. The verfication e-mail must be verified by you in order to activate the AZCLOUD Account.
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What is the next step if I haven't received the verification e-mail?
If you haven't received the verification e-mail, please click the "resend" button in the registration page.
What is the AZCLOUD Account name?
The AZCLOUD Account name will reflect your user interface name.
Can I use the same mobile number twice in the registration step?
You are allowed to use the same mobile number one time in the registration process.
Can I choose the different language to use the AZCLOUD Portal?
You will be able to use the AZCLOUD portal in 3 different languages (Azerbaijani, English and Russian).
Can I change the personal information?
You can find your account name at the top of the right side of the console. Click the account name and account tab. You can make the changes through there.
What is the AZCLOUD Region?
AZCLOUD Region is a geographical area that consists of at least one Availability Zone. Each region is completely isolated from the other AZCLOUD Regions.
What is the AZCLOUD Availability Zone?
AZCLOUD Availability Zone is a unique physical location within AZCLOUD Region. Each zone is made of at least one Data Center that is designed as independent failure zone – power, cooling, and networking.
What are the current products which are available in AZCLOUD?
AZCLOUD provides its clients with following services: COMPUTE, STORAGE, NETWORK.
What does ACS stand for in AZCLOUD?
ACS is a compute service that provides resizable, flexible and elastic Virtual Machines (VMs) depending on customer needs. The service offers wide variety of categories and families of VMs. For more info:
Are there types of ACS?
Yes, the types of ACS is classified as "categories and families" in AZCLOUD. There are 3 current categories and families of ACS which are ACS Entry-Level, ACS Accerelated and ACS Ultimate.
What are the Operation Software (OS) choices for virtual machines?
You have a choice of downloading the following OS's: RedHat Enterprise Linux (versions), Ubuntu (versions), Suse Linux (versions), Fedora (versions), Windows server (versions)
What is the ACS Entry-Level's description and which operations is it designed for?
ACS Entry-Level is the best choice for balancing of compute, memory, and networking resources. ACS Entry-Level is the best optimized choice for block storages (ASB). Entry-level is well suited choice for various workloads such as microservices, web servers, blogs, discussion forums, small databases.
What is the ACS Accerelated's description and which operations is it designed for?
CS Accelerated is the most popular choice. ACS Accelerated is designed for CPU-intensive applications and balanced memory for each vCPU. ACS Accelerated is the best optimized choice for block storages (ASB). ACS Accelerated is well suited for high performance web servers, high performance computing, medium databases and other compute intensive applications.
What is the ACS Ultimate's description and which operations is it designed for?
ACS Ultimate provides the best performance with ASB Turbo block storage service. ACS Ultimate is well suited for high performance computing, gaming servers, machine learning engines and other applications with high performance requirements.
How can I create a Virtual Machine?
You can create a virtual machine using the AZCLOUD portal. In the left corner of the dashboard you will find the section which is called "Virtual Machine". You can click on it and start the configuration and implementation process of Virtual Machine.
Can I create a virtual machine using the custome image?
Yes, you will need to use the snapshot of existing virtual machine to create new VMs.
What are the technical parameters of virtual machines?
You can explore different types of virtual machines through the AZCLOUD Portal which are configured with different amounts of vCPU, RAM and root volume.
What is meant by "Virtual Machine Name"?
It is a "must choose and type name" for each virtual machine which is created by you.
What are the vCPU based limits?
The maximum size of vCPU is 32 vCPU in one virtual machine .
What Storage Services are provided by AZCLOUD?
AZCLOUD Block Storage (ASB) is the current Storage Service provided by AZCLOUD. More info:
What is the ASB?
ASB is a block storage service designed for attaching to AZCLOUD virtual machines. ASB provides ASB Turbo, ASB Ultra, and ASB Standard allowing customers to choose the best performance-cost scenario. The highest performance volume is ASB Ultra (HDD) which is attached for carrying out hard, latency-sensitive, and business critical workloads. ASB Ultra and ASB Standard are the best choices for data warehouse, log processing, and virtual desktops.
What is the ASB Turbo used for?
ASB Turbo is a low-cost SSD volume block storage. It is designed to provide super-fast and consistence performance for boot volumes of virtual machines, Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases, and other business critical applications. Customer is charged for GB-IOPS ONLY. There are no other hidden costs such as writing and reading options.
What is the ASB Ultra used for?
ASB Ultra is a low-cost HDD volume block storage for frequently accessed workloads. ASB Ultra is designed to provide the lowest cost and the highest performance compared across similar services in the market. Customer is charged for GB-IOPS ONLY. There are no other hidden costs such as writing and reading options.
What is the ASB Standard used for?
ASB Standard is the lowest cost HDD volume block storage. Although ASB Standard designed for less frequent access to workloads, it provides the highest performance across similar services in the market. Customer is charged for GB-IOPS ONLY. There are no other hidden costs such as writing and reading options.
What is the maximum size of Storage based limits?
The maximum storage size limit is 6 TB.
What is the difference between "Root Volume" and "Disk Volume"?
The root volume is given bydefault in the process of creating virtual machine which is needed for storing the OS files. The disk volume is an additional storage which can be attached and deattached to virtual machines.
What is AZCLOUD Load Balancer (ALB)?
AZCLOUD Load Balancer is AZCLOUD service that provides distribution of incoming traffic across multiple targets, such as Azcloud VMs instances, containers, microservices, containers and IP addresses.
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What are the types of AZCLOUD Load Balancer?
AZCLOUD provides the Load Balancer at the application level which is called AZCLOUD ALB-A at the current stage . ALB-A – operates on Layer 7, allowing customers automatically to route traffic on application level.
What are the types of ALB-A?
ALB-A Standard, ALB-A Ultra and ALB-A Turbo are the types of AZCLOUD Load Balancer at the Application Level (ALB-A).
What is the ALB-A Standard used for?
ALB-A Standard is the best choice for Static websites and blogs with a low traffic moderation.
What is the ALB-A Ultra used for?
ALB-A Ultra is the best choice for transaction-driven sites or services with traffic moderation.
What is the ALB-A Turbo used for?
ALB-A Turbo is the best choice for Busy sites, services, or endpoints where high performance is a must.
How can I create a Network?
You can create a Network by using the AZCLOUD Portal. On the left side of the dashboard you must choose Network and follow the processes in order to setup the network configurations.
What is the SSH key for?
The SSH key is a set of security credentials which enables you to prove your idendity in the process of connecting to your Linux based virtual machine. The SSH key is private information that shouldn't be shared with anyone. In the case of sharing it, other people can connect to your virtual machine.
What is the "Assigning the public IP" used for?
"Assigning the public IP" is used to make the virtual machine or any any other services available to public over the Internet using SSH or RDP Connection.
What types of SSH key can be added?
You can import your own keys or Generate new key in the console.
What kind of subnet can I use in my network?
You can use the subnet inside the private range of or or
What is the automatic gateway IP is for?
The last IP adress will be automatically used for the subnets gateway by clicking Automatic gateway IP box. Additionally, you can manually define the gateway address.
What is the Security Group?
You can create the network rules with the help of Security Group.
What is the Network Rule?
The inbound traffic is controlled by the rules of security group and it allows to reach the instances which are connected with security groups.
How to reserve the public IP address?
Click to reserve public IP address and you will be provided with the static IP Adress. You can attach and deattach the puclic address to the virtual machine or to the load balancer. When you reserve a Public IP address you will be charged without attaching or deattaching it.
What are the Maximum Simultaneous Connections (ALB-A)?
They are the connections connected at the same time (ALB-A).
What type of payment methods can I use for AZCLOUD services?
You can only pay for the services through your credit card at the moment.
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What type of credit cards can I add to the portal?
You can add all types of credit cards to the AZCLOUD Portal (Visa, Master, and etc).
What is the Billing Cycle for AZCLOUD services?
AZCLOUD provides its services as

Billing monthly – the period is equal to 720 hours.
Billing daily – the period is equal to 24 hours.
Billing hourly – the period is equal to an hour.
What is the payment model of AZCLOUD Services?
All the services in AZCLOUD are based on "pay as you go" model.
What happens if I don't have enough amount in my credit card?
You will receive a notice that you have 7 days to make the full payment. If the amount is not paid during the 7 days, then the account will be deactivated.
What happens with my services in the case of deactivating the account?
You will be restricted to use the services but the services still will be run.
What happens if I will not pay the amount in first 7 days?
You will receive a 2nd notice that states you have additional 7 days to make a payment. If the payment will not be made in those 7 days then, your account and the data will be deleted. In addition, your personal information including the phone number will be blocked in our system.
Can I use several vouchers at the same time?
No, you can only use one voucher at a time. Any time you add a new voucher, the other voucher within your account get cancelled.
AZCLOUD Marketplace
What is the AZCLOUD MarketPlace?
AZCLOUD MarketPlace is the center of different applications which is accepted by AZCLOUD. You can easily choose and install the applications to your virtual machine by using the marketplace.
Dashboard tools
What does the Project mean on the left side of the Dashboard?
You can create different projects and run different services inside the projects. The services inside the different projects will not be connected to each other. Please, see the docs to gain more information about the benefits of Project.
What is User Roles needed for?
You can add users for managed services, as well as assign the user roles and required access for them.
What is the Events tool on the left side of the DashBoard?
You can check all your applied operations/logs by clicking the Events Tab.
How can I get the support?
You can see the Support icon on the right button of the DashBoard.
More information can be found on AZCLOUD DOCs

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